[AniFemTalk] What’s your dream sequel?

With the news that 2011’s Tiger & Bunny will finally see a second season (the celebrations here at AniFem were joyous indeed) and the success of DEVILMAN crybaby, let’s talk sequels and reboots.

  • What series would you love to see get a second season?
  • What old series is ripe for a remake with talents currently working in the industry?
  • Do you have any series you waited years for only to finally have that patience rewarded?


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  • Maimishou

    I want a sequel to Digimon Tamers but the Digimon Adventure Tri movies make that ifffy so unless they can get the people who did the first season of Tamers back or unless they get the people behind Digimon Universe Appli Monsters to do it I wouldn’t want to risk them making a subpar sequel.

    For the past few years though the Precure franchise has been my favorite. Now I know we haven’t had sequels in years but I’d love something new to be done with the Go! Princess Precure gang. If not that then a Happinesscharge spinoff since that series has the biggest excuse for it in that Precure are a wellknown thing in that universe and there are multiple teams beyond just the four we focused on.

  • Belaam

    My first anime was Saturday mornings with Battle of the Planets, the terrible Americanized version of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

    I’d love to see it get Netflix’s Voltron treatment, but frankly, they are similar enough I don’t know why anyone would bother.

    Conversely: Science. Ninjas. Whose costumes are modeled after birds.

    There are also a lot of potential pitfalls. I’d love to see them go the Netflix Voltron route of switching one male hero to female, but make it the muscle or the reckless one. They could probably do some interesting things with the villain’s species. In the original, the big bad’s second in command was a member of an androgynous, shapeshifting, single-sex species. If they gave that species more backstory and perhaps rogue members who align with the team, that would be a lovely change from all the standard two gender aliens in sci fi, as well as some non-binary character who, you know, aren’t villains.

  • Jahu

    While there were elements that made me side-eye it, I’m pretty disappointed that there hasn’t been any continuation of the Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation anime after the way it ended.

    As far as remakes or sequels for older shows go… It would be very dangerous ground to tread on, but I wonder what Revolutionary Girl Utena would be like today.

  • Brainchild129

    I’ll second that call for Season 2s for both Nozaki-kun and Yona. Both of them have more than enough volumes to cover at least another cour…hell, Yona’s got enough volumes out there to cover 2 of them. Neither show is quite old enough to completely call them lost causes, but it’s frustrating either way.

  • KatMarie

    I’m probably one of, like, 5 people in the world who desperately wishes Saiunkoku Monogatari would get a final season to finish out its story. I’d also love if someone rescued the anime license and released the first two seasons, or if we could get an English translation of the light novel, but I doubt any of these wishes will ever come true. One can dream…

    • I’m one of the other five! It’s such a wonderful show with literally no hope of revival/licensing or even fan translation 🙁

  • alecksis

    No Game No Life is an obvious one. Despite all its many, many flaws, I want to see a resolution!

    Maybe not a sequel but… if we just forget the rush ending of Kiznaiver, I would have liked 12 more episodes to really develop the plot. As it were, those kids are among my favorite casts of characters, but the actual story is unfulfilling. :/

  • anony

    Chihayafuru!!!! It’s one of the first shows I fell in love with, it looks gorgeous and is so full of energy, and all the characters are absolutely wonderful. I’ve heard that the manga gets really exciting too. Waiting forever for S3.

    Space Bros is another show that I love a lot. It already ran for 99 episodes, but I could watch it for another 99. Its narrative centering on adults going to space is so different from most anime. I want to see Mutta go to the moon!!

    Other than that, I’d say NANA, but having read the manga I know how awfully depressing it gets…

    I’ll throw points to other Good Shoujo too like Ore Monogatari and Kimi ni Todoke. Would be happy to see continuations!

  • Peacesqu4d

    Ripe for a remake/update? Man that list is long. I’d love to see Studio Pierrot, BONES, MAPPA, or even Production IG or WitStudio make an update of Ninja Scrolls. Maybe even a brand new take on it.

    Sequel? I’m excited for Tiger&Bunny sequel and I’d like to see Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash receive a sequel. Very underrated show

    Rewarded for a long awaited sequel? I’d probably say Blue Exorcist. It took 6 years to make a 1-core second season?!! I’m about to watch that

    • smashman42

      Ohhh, I’d love more Grimgar, the novels have some weird stuff going on atm but even before that there’s an epic battle that’d be in the immediate next season if it was a single cour.

      • Peacesqu4d

        I wish it was renewed:/ they probably won’t make another one

  • Peacesqu4d

    I also wish Legend of Korra would come back for Book 5

  • Tiger & Bunny was just about the top of my list, so I’m happy right now. But if I were feeling greedy, I’d also want a followup to my old favorite R.O.D -the- TV, and a new helping of Kagewani.

    Remakes, hmm… I’d like to see a two-cour version of Magical Girl Raising Project, because it stands out to me as something that suffered particularly badly at having to cram itself into three months. And I wouldn’t mind if we could all pretend the 2017 Kino’s Journey never happened and let someone start fresh with a new approach to picking stories.

  • Skip Beat! Over 250 chapters with one of the best female protagonists in manga, it’s a crime that it’s only gotten one 25-episode anime series.

  • Kaye Asplund

    I really wish that something beyond 1 OVA was made for Angel Densetsu. Did you know the author of Claymore made a rom-com about an “ugly”/terrifying looking boy trying to navigate a world that stigmatizes him?

    It’s so heart felt as the people around him slowly discover that appearances are just that, and that he really is just a kind person taken wrongly his entire life. It’s such a warm series that does not shirk on showing our protagonist as legit terrifying- there’s no gonk here, he just looks “weird”. The situational humor is amazing, the characters are the right kind of brat pack of idiots. I love it

  • 0utf0xZer0

    Hanasaku Iroha. First because none of PA Work’s subsequent workplace shows hooked me the way the this one did, and second because I think a story about where Ohana ends up as an adult would be very interesting.

    Hyouka, because that show’s slow burn atmosphere is special and it’s one of my top three shows ever. I want them to wait until they have more material though.

    Otome Youkai Zakuro – because I’m disappointed that it didn’t (in concert with the more successful Inu x Boku SS) spawn a wave of supernatural romantic dramedies that mix josei and seinen tropes?

    So basically I miss the kinds of shows we were getting around 2011/2012 just before the Japanese home video market started really going into decline. Though among more recent shows I’d love to see more of WorldEnd and ReZero.

  • Sequel: The Devil is a part-timer. The first season was hilarious and remains good even after re-watching it. So I never understood that it hasn’t received a sequel yet.
    Remake: Akira. Everybody keeps their hands of it since the movie is considered a classic in terms of animation. But the movie has not only become dated, it is also a horribly butchered adaptation of the source material. And you can only imagine how many talented animators would want to get involved if they ever considered re-doing this classic. If done right, this could become a new classic.
    Patience rewarded: Baki. I’ve been a long-time fan of the Grappler baki series. But the last story arc that was animated dates back all the way to 2001! So I’m kind of hyped to see the return of the series to Netflix this upcoming summer.