[AniFemTalk] Your summer 2017 favorites

While we’re all swimming through the last few waves of premieres (more on that next week), let’s take a moment to breathe and ask: what were your favorite series of the summer season?

  • Which anime met, exceeded, or failed to meet your expectations?
  • Did you have an unexpected favorite or a show you wish more people had seen?
  • Which series did you enjoy simulcasting, and are there any you’re waiting to binge?
  • What recommendations would you make, with or without caveats?


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  • GreyLurker

    I’m a fan of the Black Clover Manga, but Asta need to dial it down a little for the anime. Really looking forward to the introduction of the Black Bulls.

    Recovery of an MMO Junkie was surprisingly good for me and I will be sticking with it eagerly every week I think.

    I like UQ Holder. Yes it’s a Negima sequel so it hits you with full force fanservice within the first 2 minutes of the show, but once Eva gets done remembering the “good old days” it becomes something quite different. It’s 80 years after Negima, and Eva is a full grown woman (looks like she found a way to age up despite being a vampire) and has become a teacher in a small town, and seems to be raisng Negi’s Grandson a young Hot het named Tota. Stuff happens and now the two of them are going on a journey. Odds are there is going to be more fanservice but this one seems like it’ll be very action adventure focused and I’m liking the mother and son dynamic that seems to exist between Eva and Tota.

  • definitely Princess Principal, and to a lesser extent Made In Abyss. I had high hopes for Welcome to the Ballroom, but it got grating after a few episodes.

  • Roman Komarov

    I was severely disappointed in the last season. Maybe the most bright thing for me was Kappeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun.

    For Made in Abyss — I just couldn’t get over it problematic parts to really enjoy it. Closer to the end I was rather numb and started to see how the script is not really great at it and how they emotionally manipulate us.

    I have yet to watch Princess Principle, and want to finish Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, but other than that there were nothing remarkable.

    Ah! Ballroom e youkoso. I still watch it. It become much, much better after ~8-9 episode: a bit less fanservice and a bit more substance in its female characters. There are no other sports anime in range, so maybe I’m keeping with it just to scratch that itch? It has so many problems. But yeah.

  • The one thing I most want to recommend for readers of this site would be “Threshold”, episode 8 of 18if, for being the change it wants to see. 18if is episodic enough that you can watch it out of context.

  • Gorion

    I enjoyed Attack on Titan S2 (particularly the new opening song) but it wasn’t particularly memorable on its own merits. Tsuredure Children seems cute and my friend is enjoying it, so I might start that. Princess Principal is on the maybe to-watch list. Otherwise the summer was mostly a swing-and-a-miss for me, so I have been watching some older shows (Showa Rakugo and Little Witch Academia) instead.

  • Ergoemos

    I still highly recommend Re:Creators as an excellent series, even if its Shounen surface layers seem to have some people disappointed in the ending.

    Many dynamic characters, both men and women, and all of the characters feel far more real than most anime seems to grasp. For example, the “ordinary male Main Character” is the only 16 year old normal teen. Everyone else are adults who have grown up, or are people transported from media into the real world, most of which are challenging worlds that have aged them out of their supposed youth, and their personalities reflect that.

    The “main character” (and those quotes are intentional, there is no single main character) is not the only one with significant character growth, with most of the people transported from light novels, anime, and games start with only the personality provided in their story and grow into fully realized people who need to find new purpose in “the land of Gods”, some of them meeting their creators and many of them facing disappointment.

    The story is great, and frankly, the plot revolves around plans developed and guided by strong women characters, who’s arcs rather outshine the men’s in terms of interest and tangible growth on all fronts. (Which should further prove this isn’t a shounen. Yeah, I went there. =P )

    I flat out recommend this series to anyone who’s on this site. I only recommend that people go in expecting more talking than fighting, with some episodes being almost only conversations. This is seinen, not shounen, in spite of its appearances. I double recommend it to anyone who likes to write, draw, or make art themselves. This is a story about creating things, big and small.

    I mean, heck, if anyone is already going to pick up anime strike to check out the other great stuff this season, like Land of the Lustrous, go check it out too!

    And definitely don’t skip the recap episode. Its worth your time too!

  • John Clark

    Princess Principal, a wonderful installment in the Cute Girls Doing Rather Unconventional Things genre.