Shows meeting expectations post-premiere

By: Anime Feminist July 31, 201718 Comments
the camera is behind a young man's back as he looks at a girl changing. She is halfway through taking her shirt off, and her underwear is visible under her skirt

Premieres are a tricky business: production teams do their best to look spectacular in terms of animation, intrigue, and (depending on the series) fanservice in hopes of getting viewers to stick around for Episode 2. But that “best foot forward” approach can be a double-edged sword, as viewers find themselves disappointed by a show that veers in a different direction from what the premiere seemed to promise.

  • What premieres have you loved but found yourself dropping in subsequent episodes? What was the tipping point for you?
  • What shows did you drop after a lackluster premiere only to hear later that the show turned out great?
  • What elements are deal-breakers to you?
  • Do you prefer going in blind or taking a wait-and-see approach to new shows?

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