Rewriting problematic stories

By: Anime Feminist September 18, 201719 Comments
Misa Amane from Death Note. A blond woman in lipstick seen from the shoulder up,smiling and raising her hand with the index finger extended

Over the weekend we released a podcast about the Netflix Death Note movie and lamented the wasted opportunity to tell a story about the harmfulness of white privilege (and to have less misogyny than the original instead of just a different kind of misogyny). The world is rife with stories that had the potential to be progressive or incisive but, for whatever reason, just don’t get there.

  • What series would you update if you had the chance? Why?
  • Are you drawn to stories that have unused potential, or do you find them more frustrating than fascinating?
  • Given infinite remake money and your choice of medium, what series would you remake and how?

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