Representations of abuse

By: Anime Feminist May 8, 20175 Comments

In the most recent episode of My Hero Academia, a character opened up to protagonist Deku about abuse they experienced at the hands of their parents. This treatment has resonated with some fans, who appreciate the way this character has coped with and responded to the abuse, providing a good opportunity to take a look at the way anime and manga handles abuse.

[This is of course a very sensitive subject, and nobody is required to disclose any information about their background in order to participate in this discussion. If you feel comfortable sharing details of your own experiences, our moderators will ensure these contributions are treated with the utmost respect by our community – not a difficult task, since our community is one of the most supportive and respectful out there.]

  • How did you respond to the scene/character referenced above from My Hero Academia?
  • Which representations of abuse or abused characters in anime or manga have resonated with or otherwise affected you personally?
  • Which abuse tropes in anime or manga do you particularly wish creators would stop using?
  • What are the worst examples of abuse normalized or even romanticized by an anime or manga?
  • Which types of abuse do anime and manga fail to represent, either accurately or at all?

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