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By: Anime Feminist April 24, 20176 Comments

AniFem turned six months old on April 11th! To celebrate, Dee, Peter, Vrai and I recorded the first ever Q&A episode of our podcast, Chatty AF. Well, episodeS – we asked on Twitter for your questions, and got such a great response we had to record two episodes to answer them all.

Those episodes will come out next month. In the meantime, here are versions of some of the questions we answer in the recordings – we’d love to know your answers!

  • What is your favorite series that has come out since AniFem launched on 11th October 2016?
  • What’s your favorite guilty pleasure anime or manga from the past six months?
  • How often do you genuinely enjoy problematic anime or manga?
  • What anime and manga have you really wanted to like but been unable to, and why?
  • What series has come closest to flawless and in the same breath, what have you seen that is the most irredeemable?
  • What other anime or manga do you most look forward to reading AniFem posts on, whether it’s current/upcoming or a classic?

Speaking of podcasts, we committed to putting out weekly episodes of Chatty AF once we reach $900 in income. We’re currently at $897 in Patreon pledges. Pledges fluctuate as a general rule, and there is always a dip at the beginning of the month after payments are taken. In other words, we really need to be at around $920 or so before the end of April to guarantee weekly podcast episodes from May.

We have submitted Chatty AF to iTunes and Stitcher, and should hear whether we’ve been approved in the next week or two. We have a number of one-off episodes planned, plus a new series we think you’ll all really enjoy. However, we can only start working on these once we have $900 in income from May onwards. To help push us past that line, please become a patron today!

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Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

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