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By: Anime Feminist July 17, 201722 Comments

We started our second watchalong podcast yesterday, on long-running seinen powerhouse Berserk. A watchalong is when two people who haven’t seen an anime watch six episodes of it at a time, then record a podcast with one superfan to discuss those episodes from a feminist perspective before moving on to the next six episodes. It gave us some insightful, rewarding discussion on Shirobako, and now we’re considering applying the format to manga as well.

The only criteria would be that the manga are available to legally buy in English and lend themselves to interesting feminist discussion. (As you might have guessed from the featured image, Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls is already on the list! ) Just one question today then: if we did a manga readalong, reading through one volume of manga at a time then discussing it before moving on to the next volume, which manga would you like us to cover?

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