How can we support independent creators?

By: Anime Feminist April 23, 20180 Comments
a woman from Nil Admirari no Tenbin. caption: but I think women ought to get much more involved in society going forward

The last-minute cancelling of FanCon, a convention specifically designed for marginalized fans, left a lot of creators and exhibitors in the lurch. You can find ways to support at least some of them here, but we want to extend our reach further. We need your help!

  • Have you seen any other artists who’d planned to attend FanCon that should be added to this list?
  • Who are your favorite independent creators in anifandom?
  • Are you an artist who sells or would like to sell at conventions? Link your work below!

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Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

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