How can we get Nazis out of our communities?

By: Anime Feminist June 25, 20180 Comments
a boardroom meeting in Re;Zero. caption: B-but isn't knowing people will die and not stopping wrong?

The anime community has been struggling with its ties to the alt-right for a long time. That came to a head in two ways this week: a white supremacist rally planned to take place near Otakon (protest suggestions here); and an irresponsible forum post by Anime News Network’s CEO (who previously aligned with Palmer Lucky in the creation of OtakuCoin) about respecting all posters—including Nazis—as long as they’re being civil, which has drawn criticism from both AniTwitter and the ANN staff.

These issues aren’t going to go away. Therefore, this post is for sharing resources and support in the face of a long, tiring, and necessary fight. Death to fascism.

  • What organizations—preferably ones with records on how they use their funds—are currently accepting donations to fight the effects of fascism?
  • What advice or discussion can be shared about protesting, civil disobedience, and community action, both online and in physical spaces?
  • What online safe spaces are there to rest and recover (remember, burnout is a real danger)?

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