Feminist-friendly – and unfriendly – ships

By: Anime Feminist February 13, 201724 Comments
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It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! To celebrate, we want to hear about your favorite ships, including the most progressive and the most problematic romances Japanese pop culture has to offer.

  • What is the most feminist-friendly ship you support?
  • What is your guilty pleasure, the least feminist-friendly romance you can’t help but love?
  • Which ship most closely represents your view of an ideal relationship?
  • Which ship does fandom love but seems so unfeminist you can’t get behind it?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite anime/manga romance tropes?
  • What is your favorite Valentine’s Day episode of anime/chapter of manga?

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Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

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