Creator confirmation of fan interpretations

By: Anime Feminist July 24, 201721 Comments
Victor, smiling and holding Yuri's hand.Dialogue: It's almost like a marriage proposal

Last week many Yuri!!! On ICE fans rejoiced as a MAPPA producer and later the YOI PR team made statements seeming to confirm that Yuri and Victor’s relationship is romantic in nature. This raises important questions about the involvement of creators in audience interpretations – particularly when those interpretations are by marginalized fans regarding their own representation.

  • Do you tend to read anime/manga creator interview translations, or avoid them?
  • How do you feel about Death of the Author in general?
  • When have you most wished a creator would step in and comment on their own work?
  • When have you most wished a creator hadn’t stepped in and commented on their own work?
  • Do your general views about authorial commentary change when looking at authors who directly contradict a progressive reading of their work?

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