How are you enjoying the current anime season?

By: Anime Feminist November 28, 201622 Comments

It’s Monday, time to ask again what’s been on your mind over this past week! What did you think of the way Kiss Him, Not Me handled consent and sexuality in their last episode? How do you feel about Yuri!!! on ICE‘s portrayal of Yuri and Victor’s relationship in a notoriously homophobic Russia?  What would you as a feminist fan like to see from the new Code Geass series that’s been announced? (Please mark any spoilers!)

More generally:

  • What feminist observations do you want to share on an anime or manga you’re enjoying right now?
  • Did something happen in a legal simulcast that you think AniFem readers should be aware of?
  • Is there a legally accessible manga raising points you think AniFem readers would find interesting?
  • Does a recent Japanese pop culture news item merit a feminist discussion?
  • Did a conversation come up elsewhere that you’d like to know other feminists’ opinions on?
  • Have you got a link to a blog post you think AniFem readers would appreciate?

Self-promotion on these posts is permitted and even encouraged, especially if you are analysing anime, manga, Japanese pop culture or fandom from a marginalised perspective! Please only include one link per post, but you can put up a different link every Monday if you like. Just yesterday we featured an author who promoted her work here in our links round-up for the week, we’d love to read your work too!

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