Introducing the AniFem podcast: Chatty AF

We finally managed to co-ordinate across three timezones and record a podcast! This is very much a trial episode, and we need your feedback to know if/how we should continue. If you want us to make more, let us know:

  1. If you would prefer episodes to come out weekly, monthly, etc.
  2. If you prefer to listen to podcasts <30 minutes, <1 hour, <2 hours, etc.
  3. What type of format you think would work best for us
  4. What kinds of topics you would like us to address and how you would like us to address them
  5. What you think makes a great podcast in general!

We are open to constructive feedback on absolutely everything, this is new for all of us and we’re keen to put together the best podcast possible for our readers. Give us your input and help to shape a podcast for you!

NOTE: This is only available on SoundCloud for now just to test the concept, but if we get positive feedback and turn it into a regular series we will make it possible for you to download from your preferred podcast app.

Chatty AF 1: Winter 2017 Anime Check-in

Amelia, Caitlin, Lauren and Peter follow up on the top 10 anime of our winter 2017 premiere rankings! Listen to find out our biggest surprises, disappointments and guilty pleasures of the season.

SPOILERS: for all aired episodes as of the time of recording

0:00 Intro
01:38 10: elDLIVE
04:24 9: Masamune-kun’s Revenge
06:45 8: Fuuka
08:38 7: Seiren
11:59 6: Gabriel DropOut
15:00 5: Saga of Tanya the Evil
20:26 4: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
25:40 3: ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.
32:52 2: Scum’s Wish
45:59 1: Interviews with Monster Girls
55:53 Outro

Recorded Sunday 5th February 2017

Music: Open Those Bright Eyes by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  • Lazarus19

    1 & 2: u shud have a podcast bi weekly if its 1 hr or less monthly if its 2 hours

    3: depending on the podcast length have one large discussion topic that u can riff on and then maybe a few pre recorded specific segments perhaps interviews with other people in the anime community especially women and ask for there POV regarding the main topic. im thinking something like the MTV Podcast The Stakes

    4: i dont really thing u shud be looking at what topics to discuss because if this is a podcast, its a show that is built to last forever so u will most likely cover up any and all possible topics.

    5: chemistry of the hosts and purpose ur here to say something so say it dont waste the audiences time and more importantly your own

  • Moni

    I think Bitch Media’s Popaganda format may be good inspiration for how to run the podcast. You could do a brief recap of anime you all watch currently for the week and use it as a spring board to discuss other issues or you could do theme of the week where you discuss an anime or topic for that week’s show.

  • This was very enjoyable! (Though I disagree about Interviews With Monster Girls going downhill.)

    I think a weekly podcast would be great.
    30 minutes would be good, if you guys think that would be long enough to discuss things.
    Weekly reviews of shows would be fun…also interviews! Maybe with Crunchyroll translators or similar things?
    The chemistry makes for a good podcast…also, you all sound different enough that it’s easy to tell who is talking ^_^

    • Caitlin

      I’m glad you could tell us apart easily! Lauren and I both have lowish voices so I was a little concerned we sound too similar.

      • Eric Iacono

        You have the more west coasty-accent, I think.

        And people told me a degree in linguistics would never be used for anything.

        • Caitlin

          Ha! Yes, I’m definitely west coast born and bred.
          Degrees in linguistics aren’t supper useful but they’re cool as hell. Linguists are the coolest of the cool kid clubs.

  • Veggiesaurus

    That was great! I’d love to hear more in depth, frequent reviews of different anime(even older ones), although that was really helpful in narrowing down what to watch now. I’d love weekly podcasts, but I have a 45 minute drive to work, so i maybe biased on that subject. I very much enjoyed the slightly informal, conversational tone. A feminist viewpoint of different anime is sorely needed, as I have recently got back into anime, and am often looking for suggestions, but what I have found on various forums etc often have some off-putting elements that I might not discove until I am already invested, which can be frustrating. I would love the option to download and listen on my commute as well, so I don’t use data while listening to the podcast. In the regards to the current one, I’m now excited to try out ACCA, and I’m still hopeful that interviews with monster girls can right itself before it veers too far off course! I feel like I’m let down with each subsequent episode, but it had such a good opening and premise.

  • ImaniToo

    I loved it! Totally agree about Interview with Monster Girls. I haven’t watched past the 4th episode and I don’t think I will until I read/hear that it takes a sharp turn away from the harem vibes. Yuck.

    45 minutes to an hour is a great length.

  • Buffaloe

    Good podcast! I hope there is more coming.

    Personally I think that the current lenght of about an hour is pretty much ideal. However, it would be nice if you focused more on specific shows (and issues) or at least cut down the list of shows you discuss. With weekly roundups including a large amount of shows you can only ever adress the surface level.

    • Thank you so much! Just to be clear, this was never intended to be a weekly round-up, just a mid-season check-in for the shows with our top 10 premieres so readers have a better idea of what might be worth their time. We will probably do this for each season, but it will never become a weekly round-up for exactly the reasons you mention.

  • ML Tyler

    I enjoyed the podcast. Very listenable, an impressive first effort I think.
    I wouldn’t mind hearing a new episode every week, or two weeks. An hour is a good length, keeps thing relatively tight.
    I’m not a seasoned podcast listener, so about format, I’m not so sure. I think an overall theme or topic for an episode is helpful.
    I also liked the more informal chat. There was a nice chemistry going on. As far as topics, I sought you guys out to get your perspective on Anime and pop culture, so I defer to your instincts on that matter.

    Feedback: You guys did great at sounding natural, not talking over each other too much, etc. Two notes, work on levels to get everybody at about the same volume, and try to avoid fussing with the mics and making fidgeting noises.
    These are technical wrinkles to iron out, I’m sure you’e already addressing them.

    Will you publih to Stitcher, Itunes, or similar?
    Hope to hear more soon!

    • Thank you so much! Definitely agree with you on the technical issues, we hope to address that as we gain experience. We will indeed publish to as many outlets as possible once we commit to a regular series, this was just to test the concept. We might have hated the whole experience and not wanted to do it again, or nobody might have listened to it, making it wasted effort, but feedback has been positive so we’re planning more!