[AniFemTalk] Convention Panels

Summer convention season is upon us! As throngs of fans gear up for LineCon and pack extra water and deodorant for those long days, we want to know: what are your thoughts on panels?

  • Are panels an important part of your con-going experience? Why or why not?
  • What draws your attention to a panel (excluding obvious big draws like celebrity panels)?
  • What have been some of your favorites over the years? Your least favorite?
  • What kinds of topics would you like to see covered in a panel, but just can’t seem to find?
  • Have you seen feminist-themed panels in the past, and have their approaches been more helpful or harmful?

And hey! If you’re going to be at Otakon, you’ll be able to say hi to a lot of the staff there. You can even see our own Caitlin‘s “Awesome Women Making Anime” and “Romance and Abuse in Shoujo Manga” panels and Lauren‘s “Gunpla is Freedom” panel!


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