[AniFemTalk] Celebrating our one-year anniversary

AniFem is turning one year old on October 11th! We want to do something special to thank you readers for your kind support over the last year. We’ve been brainstorming ideas, but we want to hear from you, too!

  • If you enjoyed our six-month anniversary Q&A podcast, would you be interested in us answering more of your questions?
  • To patrons on our Discord server: how would you feel about some kind of livestream or chat with team members?
  • Are there any one-year articles you’d like to see? AniFam community posts you’d want to read? Some other cool thing?

Do any of these sound appealing? Do you have an idea you don’t see here? We want to hear from you!


Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

At this stage, we have raised enough money to be able to pay for contributed posts, behind the scenes admin, and audio editing for weekly podcasts. Our next goal is to pay the editors who have worked on AniFem as volunteers since before launch, making enormous contributions for no pay. Help us pay them for their work at a rate of $15 an hour by becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month!

  • Petrosilia Zwackelfrau

    This may be slightly OT, but when I read “one-year articles”, somehow I thought you were talking about clothes articles. And I thought hell yeah, I want a t-shirt! I’m really picky about t-shirts, but if you opened a store I could see myself buying something simple with a nice design.

    And I love your podcasts. I’ll take any kind of podcast 😛

  • Lauren Vaughn

    I would enjoy another Q&A podcast, I’d love the chance to ask the team questions. It would also be interesting to hear about how the site has developed between the 6-month and 1-year anniversaries.

  • ImaniToo

    More podcasts–yes! Q&A or whichever type. And maybe it would not have to be kept to the 1 hour limit? Caitlin (sp? sorry) did her proper duties in the last podcast but I could have listened to y’all talk more.

    I don’t know if this is suitable for anniversary activities but I’d like to see more collaborations with other sites. I remember you had plans with Sakuga Blog to highlight women animators. I wish I could recommend someone else but I’m not very active in fandom–maybe some of the guests you featured in your Ghost in the Shell podcast? I remember enjoying that too. I will aim to become a Patreon high roller as the Sakuga initiative (if I didn’t make it up…?) would likely involve a lot of translation work.

  • Gorion

    Congratulations on the anniversary!

    Personally I don’t much listen to the podcasts but I always look forward to the articles round-up and reviews by contributors.

    Depending how many on the staff are proficient in Japanese, I would love to see some summaries of views expressed in Japanese anime blogs & major websites so that those of us in the English speaking world can better understand some of the Japanese perspectives on social issues in anime. I feel like it’s easy to get caught up in the self-absorbed world of US cultural issues and lose sight of how various issues are approached differently in other parts of the world.

    Also, depending how interested contributors are, I would also be very interested in seeing some commentary on how recent anime has been reflecting or reactive towards Japanese politics & trends in recent years.

  • Belaam


    Completely on board with a limited run T-shirt idea. I’d happily throw however much money someone wants to put the AF logo on a shirt (as I’m assuming merchandising rights to any actual anime images incorporated into it is far out of reach) plus a percentage to go to staff.

    I’d love to see critical feminist reviews of older, “classic” anime films or shows, or recommendations of same. Not sure what total visitor numbers here are, or our geographic spread, but it would be awesome to do some sort of live show/podcast.

    On a sillier note: Maybe a contest with a White Elephant prize: Volume 6 of a contributor’s favorite manga? A two month subscription to Anime Strike? A non-English dub of Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine?

  • Lauren Vaughn

    I’d greatly enjoy a Yuri on Ice podcast.