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  • The Devils in the Details: The grotesquely charming world of Hayashida Q

    Hayashida may not be the only female seinen mangaka – there’s Mori Kaoru and Urushibara Yuki, authors of A Bride’s Story and Mushishi respectively, to name just a couple – but she is certainly unique among them. While female-written seinen manga spans a wide array of genres from historical dramas to cooking comedies, Hayashida stands apart from the rest due to her focus on gruesome body horror and gleefully graphic violence.

  • Dorohedoro – Episode 1

    I’ve heard plenty about Dorohedoro’s wit and charm punctuated by graphic ultraviolence, about the ensemble cast and their dynamics, about just how danged good it is. As of the first episode, it’s hard to say if it lives up to its reputation, but it’s certainly on track to fulfill my expectations.