Scar on the Praeter – Episode 1

By: ThatNerdyBoliviane January 9, 20210 Comments
Eiji and Yamato sitting on the ground and leaning on each other's backs.

What’s it about? Tokyo’s Akatsuki Special Ward has been abandoned by Japan and so it has to govern itself in order to survive.  There are various factions fighting each other in order to get a profit from selling armed weapons and contrabands.  In the midst of the chaos Kai Yamato tries to make a living protecting small businesses so that he and his little brother, Minato can put food on the table. 

I’m noticing a theme this season in regards to Tokyo always being in some kind of chaotic global or domestic peril. It’s interesting to note director Suzuki Shingo will be co-directing Tokyo Babylon 2021, so he ain’t leaving tumultuous Tokyo any time soon.  Writer Yanagi Tamazo hasn’t written for any noteworthy series so it’s nice to finally watch a show with no set expectations on my part.  

I’ll admit, I thought this premiere was going to be about pretty boys with no substance, but it was surprisingly action-packed and the characters were memorable.  While there was noticeably bad CG in the beginning, it quickly disappeared and throughout the rest of the episode the animation was gorgeous.  The show immediately throws you into the story and while it was a bit confusing figuring who are the factions that maintain order in Tokyo’s Akatsuki Special Ward, it’s immediately understood that Arashiba Eiji is the leader of Helios and is considered a hero who ended the Akatsuki Conflict.  There isn’t much known about Eiji and how he acquired the “Divine Tattoos” is a mystery, but it’s clear he uses his abilities to help protect the people and is an overall chill dude.  

Eiji pointing his gun at someone with a cigarette in his mouth.
Look at those guns.

While there isn’t much to be said about Yamato, what we do know is he lives in the rough part of town called B1 with his little brother, Minato, and is a nice guy.  Yamato is trying to do his best to survive in a really hostile environment and is willing to kill if it means he and his brother can live another day (at least they live in a nice apartment). 

Eiji and Yamato’s relationship was fun to watch and helped establish equally dynamic relationships when all the other characters were introduced (so many boys).  Despite being a packed episode, it wasn’t afraid to end things on a tragic note, which makes me wonder what else the series has planned. 

Yamato looking at his little brother
A pretty boy with substance.

What I like about this premiere is that it makes me ask questions about prior events and it makes me want to know more about how Tokyo’s Akatsuki Special Ward became its own independent state.  It’s definitely worth watching a few more episodes to see how this series develops.  

In short, this one surprised me, so it might surprise you too.

Minato reading a book in his nice apartment.

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