ORESUKI Are You the Only One Who Loves Me? – Episode 1

By: Chiaki Hirai October 3, 20190 Comments
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What’s it about? Kisaragi Amatsuyu (Joro) is a normal boy who spends his time hanging out with his best friend Oga Taiyo (Sun-chan) and childhood friend Hinata Aoi (Himawari). He’s also on the student council, headed by the prim and proper Akino Sakura (Cosmos). One day, both Hinata and Akino ask Kisaragi out so they can confess… that they love his best friend.

Content Warning: Incels, stalking, blatant misogyny.

The show starts off innocently enough (for a harem anime) with a panty flash in the first minute of the episode. Kisaragi, or “Joro” as he’s nicknamed, presents himself as the most boring everyman anyone can possibly be. He’s largely forgettable and is really only describable as “nice.”

A black-haired boy walks, a subtitle notes his nickname is "Joro."
Sure is a normal boy. Even his hair color is normal.

So, when two of his closest friends suddenly ask to go on what is only describable as a date, you can’t help but know there’s going to be a train wreck at the end of it. And boy, is there.

In an admittedly funny running gag, both girls sit Joro down on a park bench and confess they fell in love with Sun-chan at the same time for the same reason. But while the situation was funny for me, Joro takes the news pretty hard and plunges headfirst into incel territory.

Our protagonist immediately turns sour over two girls he thought he had a chance with. In his bitterness, he labels both of them as “traitors,” yet he also agrees to help them in hopes of securing sloppy seconds from Oga.

Ah yes, Joro. You’re the pinnacle Nice Guy.

A boy rages in his bedroom. The author of this article has photoshopped a fedora on him and appended "m'lady" into the subtitles to read "Seriously m'lady? You love my best friend! What the hell?"
Joro, the consummate woman respecter.

There’s very little that redeems Joro’s character in the latter half of the episode. He openly shows to the audience a two-faced personality, and only seeks to date his friends as some kind of weird obsession over the fact they weren’t romantically interested in him in the first place. Even as Joro schemes to take whichever girl Oga doesn’t date, he proceeds to coldly call Hinata a “freakin’ bitch” and labels Akino a “minx.”

As a sort of comeuppance for the generally unlikable protagonist, he does learn that the only person capable of loving him is Sanshokuin Sumireko (Pansy), the student librarian who has been stalking Joro the entire episode. Joro deserves Pansy because, for all of his scheming and maladjusted thoughts on romance, she is equally obsessive and appreciative of how much of a disgusting person he is.

A boy sits legs spread next to a girl with thick glasses and unkempt hair. Subtitle: Just so you know, I would never agree to go out with you.
Two awful people who don’t deserve anyone deserve each other the most.

And in case anyone was wondering what the heck is up with all of their nicknames: Joro means “watering can.” Oga is the Sun. The girls are all named after flowers. Get it? The boys help the girls grow! Ahhhh hah hah hah hah hah…. hah.

Anyway, as someone who watched all of Shield Hero, Yu-No, and Eromanga Sensei, you’d think I would be able to stomach this. But I don’t think even I can deal with this much concentrated toxicity.

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