Resources and Fundraisers: October 2021

By: Anime Feminist October 25, 20210 Comments
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Information on how to contact elected officials about ending the exception to the 13th Amendment, which still allows slavery in the case of prison labor.

Shrouded in Silence

Statistics on police sexual violence and an accompanying curriculum for sexual assault service providers.

A new project details newspapers’ role in lynchings post-1865. A historian says newspapers were a pillar to uphold the white-supremacist political economy. (Insider, DeArbea Walker)

Study of the role of newspapers in perpetuating lynchings from 1865 to the 1960s and how that white supremacist mentality echoes into the modern newsroom.

TWEET: A toolkit for organizers conceptualized and put together with vulnerable communities such as migrant workers and sex workers in mind.

THREAD: List of fundraisers for Black trans folks seeking transition or general living assistance.

TWEET: Strike fund to support Kellogg’s workers currently on strike.

TWEET: Additional fundraising sources for Kellogg’s workers in varying states.

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