Battle Game in 5 Seconds – Episode 1

By: ThatNerdyBoliviane July 13, 20210 Comments
Akira thinking about the rules of the game.

Content Warning: Fanservice, sexual assault

What’s it about? Shiroyanagi Akira is a neglected and bored high school student that plays video games all the time in order to escape his lonely reality.  Everything changes when he meets a mysterious cat-girl named Mion who forces him to fight for his life in battle royale games.

If I had to briefly describe this series in a few words, it would be that “B-rated battle royale show.”  The animation itself is subpar compared to everything else airing this season, so I don’t expect for it to get any better.  Akira himself isn’t that unique of a protagonist, but based on the state of his apartment, it’s clear he’s doing anything to disassociate with the fact that his home life isn’t great.  The fact that he treats his battle with the zombie person like a game, shows how he doesn’t really take anything seriously until he realizes that this really isn’t a game.  Even knowing that his life is on the line doesn’t really faze him all too much so I guess he’s supposed to be a top tier player (meh).  

Based on the opening theme, there are going to be a lot of characters and so many of them look like they came out of a 90’s anime series.  I do have some concerns about how women fighters are going to be treated based on Kashii Rin being brought in wearing nothing but lingerie, and she wasn’t given anything more practical to wear in order to fight either.  It doesn’t help that in the preview Amagake Yuuri–another high school student–is seen being groped by another fighter so if folks are expecting for the women characters to be treated decently, I strongly suggest you lower your expectations.  

Mion introducing herself.
Instead of focusing on the boring protagonist, let’s focus on the cat-girl instead.

The mind game battles are alright and to be honest it doesn’t offer anything new, but it’s also not terrible either.  You know what is terrible? Mion’s voice.  I understand she’s supposed to be mischievous, but her voice wasn’t doing it for me and I hope you all bear it better than I did.  

This ain’t my cup of tea folks so I’m skipping this one.  

Akira targeting his opponent with his cannon.
Here’s your B-rated protagonist with his cannon.

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