Which female creators would you like to see at an anime convention?

By: Anime Feminist August 6, 20180 Comments
a photo of Atsuko Ishizuka standing against a plain white background

Summer cons are in full swing in the U.S., with anime fans gathering at the upcoming Otakon and Crunchyroll Expo among others. Unfortunately, while women are often well-represented among invited voice actors, the line-up of creative staff invited to speak is often overwhelmingly male.

Otakon’s 2018 line-up includes only two women involved in production (Sujin Ri, a game developer; and Naoko Tsutsumi, an animation director at Studio TRIGGER), and last year had none. Fortunately that’s not always the case—Sayo Yamamoto was welcomed in Texas last summer, and this year Atsuko Ishizuka will be stateside—but let’s offer some suggestions as well!

  • What women in anime production would you like to see at a con?
  • Which female mangaka?
  • What panels would you like to see these guests speak about?

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