What are your favorite crass comedies starring teen girls?

By: Anime Feminist August 20, 20180 Comments
Galko from Please Tell Me! Galko-chan looking amazed at another woman as they stand in front of a swimsuit display

This season we have two comedies about trashy teens being terrible (each with their own drawbacks), one of which reads as a deliberate pushback against shows about moe girls. So, for those looking for more girls being relatably awful and uncute, tell us your faves!

  • What kind of “terrible” teenagers do you like to watch? What kind make you uncomfortable?
  • Which shows nail letting girls be crass but likable?
  • How do you draw your personal lines between “funny-terrible” and “hurtful-terrible?”

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Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

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