A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring – Episodes 1-2

By: ThatNerdyBoliviane July 8, 20240 Comments
Kayano finding the twins in the forest

What’s about it? Takumi Kayano is accidentally killed by a god and is reincarnated into a fantasy world as an apology for ending his life.  Kayano is gifted with several abilities so that he can at least fend for himself in this new world.  Eventually he finds two seemingly abandoned young children in a dangerous forest and decides to raise them as his own while living the adventurer’s life.  

If we had a numbered rating system, I’d give this premiere a zero for merely being a two episode premiere.  How is it that after watching two episodes, I still felt like nothing noteworthy happened.  The entire production for this series feels lackluster and bored at its own generic premise.  There’s literally no effort made to make anything about this story interesting — not even the fact the protagonist is now a single parent.  He’s even raising twins, which is double the hard work, but this show doesn’t bother with exploring the complicated aspects of being a parent.  I know that we need more green flags in the wish-fulfillment arm of the isekai genre, but these protagonists need to develop personalities beyond just being “nice guys”.  

Kayano and the rest of the main characters doing a cute dance
This could’ve been a cute show!!

The clumsy god that got Kayano killed does mention there’s something special about twins, which could explain why they act so docile and cute.  Even though the series tries to create an air of mystery about them, it falls flat because everything about the story is bland.  If the show simply wanted to be a soft and cozy series about being a single parent in a fantasy world, then it could’ve added the heart and soul found in I Parry Everything! Hell, at least Wistoria is a visual treat for the eyes and has fantastic action sequences to brag about above its basic magical school setup.  

It’s frustrating how lifeless this premiere feels in comparison to other isekai stories, because at least the B-tier shows have something compelling worth discussing.  Perhaps we’ve finally reached the climax of market oversaturation, when the basic plot points that get recycled over and over again finally start to break down. Video game mechanics, bland protagonist, cute kids instead of cute girls this time. Repeat.  

Kayano patting the twins on their heads
I hope he knows there’s more to child rearing than patting them on the heads.

The generous side of me hopes the source material is better, since it’s no secret that sometimes strong light novels (like The Case Files of Jeweler Richard or this season’s Dahlia in Bloom) don’t get great adaptations.  Seriously, it’s mind-boggles me that something this boring exists.  There’s absolutely no charm to be found anywhere that can at least salvage this sinking ship.  

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