Yuruyuri Gets 10th Anniversary OVA

By: Anime Herald April 23, 20180 Comments

It’s hard to imagine that this charming slice of life series has been running for a decade!

Earlier today, YuruYuri fans flocked to a 10th anniversary fan event. During the show, it was announced that the project will receive an OVA to commemorate the occasion. The feature will be titled, YuruYuri,, which is a pun as the comma is pronounced as “ten,” making the spoken title YuruYuri Ten.

A trailer was shown during the event, which was uploaded to the show’s official website and Twitter account shortly afterwards.

Namori’s Yuruyuri manga debuted in the pages of Comic Yuri Hime S in June 2008. The series currently spans fifteen collected volumes, with the most recent shipping to retailers on May 31.

The series spawned three anime TV series, the latest of which aired in the Fall 2015 broadcast season. Hiroyuki Hata (Recently, my sister is unusual) helmed the show at TYO Animations, with Motohiro Taniguchi providing character designs. Hiroyuki Hata and Makoto Fukami worked together to craft the show’s scenario.

Crunchyroll streamed all three shows as they aired in Japan. NIS America licensed the first two seasons of the show, which they released on home video in North America.

Source: Otakomu

Yuruyuri Gets 10th Anniversary OVA Samantha Ferreira

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