By: Vrai Kaiser May 11, 20210 Comments

Favorite Overall Series: Shirobako has this in the bag. Favorite Genre Series with Awesome Adult Female Characters: Hmm. I guess for historical fantasy, I would pick Maria the Virgin Witch with so many great witches. For urban supernatural, I'm waffling between Baccano (particularly for the immortal and very dumb Miria) and Blood Blockade Battlefront with its lady sniper and werewolves. For scifi, since I haven't watched Dirty Pair yet, I suppose I'll go with Bodacious Space Pirates for the very competent crew. Favorite Slice of Life with Awesome Adult Female Characters: other than my top pick above, I guess Moyashimon if it counts as SoL... And even though only one character in Wakoko-zake matters, Wakako is stellar. Favorite Adult Female Character in an Ensemble Show: Satori's mother Sachiko, from Erased. The very best of anime moms!

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