By: Vrai Kaiser October 6, 20200 Comments

Yashahime is definitely my number one so far! I keep trying to tell myself to keep my expectations in check, but man, I'm hyped as hell. I still can't believe we're getting a next-gen sequel after so long, but the kids have already endeared me 100% and I can't wait to see their adventures. I'm also really excited about Higurashi and Love Live! Nijigasaki. Nijigasaki has a totally different vibe from previous Love Live series, and I'm really excited to see where they go with it. Plus the musical performances were fantastic, I hope we get to see similar solos from all the new girls. And I'm kind of hoping that this version of Higurashi will be the perfect gateway version I can share with people - as much as I love the original anime, I can't really recommend it without a bunch of caveats. If this one tones down the wacky fanservice and focuses on atmosphere and improving direction, I've got a list of people to introduce to it.

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