By: Vrai Kaiser August 31, 20210 Comments

For me, it would be the original Cardcaptor Sakura. Paid a total of 74,24 € for both of Madman's DVD box sets in late 2013, according to my old Paypal receipts (probably had to pay some additional import taxes too). I also got the movies, for about 39,92 € in total. Unfortunately, the 2nd movie turned out to be knockoff version of the legimate DVD release =/. But the 1st movie was a legit Pioneer release that even came with a pretty pencil board inside the DVD box. So in total, that makes 114,16 € for the series and two movies + probably some additional import taxes on top of all that. I've paid more for single video games (about 250 € at most), but usually I try to avoid going past the 150 € mark when it comes to stuff like games, anime or figurines. Anyway; I got those CCS dvds in early/mid 2014, more than two years before Clear Card manga was even published, pushing CCS back into spotlight. By then, Pioneer's single volume DVDs had been out of print for years. As such, their prices had skyrocketed to ridiculous heights, and I'd decided years ago that there was no way I'd start collecting a 70 episode-series like that. Not when a single DVD could easily cost +30 € for measly 5 or so episodes. So when Madman finally, FINALLY released a proper boxed set in two volumes AND for reasonably affordable price, I seized the opportunity and got the series for myself, about 10 years later than the original manga. As for series I've rebought, this one time I'd just completed my quest to obtain all of Bandai's single US Escaflowne dvds when, out of nowhere, there was an announcement for a proper bluray release... And the bluray box just HAPPENED to have all the missing scenes that had been removed from Escaflowne's original tv version for the sake of airtime or something. These scenes had been restored to the original Japanese dvd release, but not to the US single dvds. And they were the type of scenes that foreshadowed many notable plot points in early episodes. Scenes that would normally make you go "AHA!" upon rewatching the series.

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