By: Vrai Kaiser November 30, 20210 Comments

To this day, my favorite anime has been Neon Genesis Evangelion. As an adult the bulk of my merchandise has been from this series. I own a couple of figurines, a few manga volumes, a handful of DVDs. a t-shirt, and both official and fan art prints. As a fan I would love to buy more apparel. I barely have any fandom inspired clothing. It would be nice to have some sweatshirts, hoodie, and socks in my closet, especially with how fashionable the stuff in the EVA store is. I would love to own some plush toys, shoes, and some of the EVA store's collaborations with artists. I would absolutely adore a Lolita JSK inspired by the show. It'd be great to see the piece created by a larger Lolita brand from japan like Angelic Pretty or BTSSB. I also love to see more makeup, either created by fans or as an official merchandise. Ideally I'd love if there was a eyeshadow palette that looked like one of the EVAS or angels. That would be such a gorgeous display piece! I'd love to see multichromes eyeshadows of the Eva units. It'd be really cool to see a purple to green shift. I would love to try perfume inspired by the anime. If it was an official collaboration I would want the bottle to look like an EVA unit. I wouldn't be too bothered about the scent. I know it would likely be generic florals or fruit to be crow pleasing. If it was an indie perfume, I would prefer an atmospheric blend possibly with notes of blood, metal, the vinyl of the plugsuits, and the smell of the ocean. There could also be a gourmand based on what Asuka attempted to cook Shinji in the second movie. There likely be a watermelon field blend, an atmospheric consisting of a cold purple musk, the wood of a piano, and the smell of feathers, a blend that smelled like skin musk, red lipstick, and whiffs of alcohol. I know there was indie perfume brand back in the day that used to sell a Rei inspired oil perfume, and I'd love to get my hands on it. But honestly the most merchandise I have is from the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I've always been a rabid collector, and I obtained a lot of the miniature figures as a teen. I also owned a lot of the physical volumes, a Reborn plush toy, prints, the Reborn fedora, the art book, and even a cosplay hoodie. I still wear that hoodie to this day, because it's cute and no one can tell it's from an anime.

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