By: Vrai Kaiser November 30, 20210 Comments

The easy answer to this is Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters (though I own a fair amount of GX merch as well) just due to having more time - being into it since I was a kid means I've collected a whole lot of cards, prints, t-shirts, and whatever else assorted stuff comes along from friends and relatives. I've got a truly absurd amount of Seto Kaiba in my life. I've actually got some in the mail this week, which is very exciting! It's not strictly an anime, but I think it's worth mentioning how much Zero Escape merch I own as well, considering its relative lack of popularity. There isn't much official stuff, but ALL of the fan stuff out there is incredible and beautiful and I want all of it all the time, lol. I do wish that Kaguya-sama had more merch that felt more in line with my tastes (not so much into the bunnygirl figures, lol). It's a shame considering how popular the show/manga is overall. I'm hoping with season 3 next year, there'll be an influx of things. I also want more Ace Attorney merch, always, but that's relatively impossible to find in the US for some reason, and everything I'd actually want is SUPER expensive. Please, god, I just want a Miles Edgeworth figure. That's all I ask. My fave thing I actually own right now is my Gintama laser-cut lamp of Gintoki and Zura. I'm on a big Gintama kick and I love having it on next to me as I do schoolwork or whatever. But my all-time fave is probably one of my Zero Escape prints - like I said above, the art for this series is so stunning.

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