By: Vrai Kaiser July 27, 20210 Comments

Utena comes to mind- the team took its low budget and its need to use a ton of stock footage and still made a striking, lovely show with masterful storyboarding, directing and design. Some of the visuals are so powerful and impossible to forget and referenced in flashier anime to this DAY, and that's incredible when you consider how other moments make it clear just how few resources the show had to work with. It knew exactly which points to put all its efforts into and bring the sakuga. And the way it did stock footage mirrored shows themes about cycles constantly being repeated so masterfully, and when those cycles were BROKEN...woof. Season 1 Natsume's Book of friends was often a bit off model but was still a wonderful and striking story that got its point across for another example. For a straight up "bad looking' example, How to Keep a Mummy seems like it has the budget of a kid's allowance and its art style is pretty bland, but it's still one of my comfort shows.

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