By: Vrai Kaiser June 8, 20210 Comments

My favourites are Bloom Into You and Kase-san. Bloom Into You for its depictions of characters on the ace spectrum. It made me and my ace anime nerd friends feel seen. I'd love for Bloom Into You to get a second cour, allowing it to cover off the last four volumes of the manga. Kase-san is wonderful the reasons mentioned - it does something unusual for romance stories in general - it has two wonderful human beings and it just tells the story about how they overcome hurdles in their relationship. It's soft and sweet and I feel like between reading it and Bloom Into You, I sorta figured out how to relationship as a queer, ace woman. Speaking of I also would love to see an adaptation of How Do We Relationship? - it's women at a university rather than high school and it's frank and funny and horny in ways that we don't always get to see in yuri adaptations.

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