By: Vrai Kaiser June 22, 20210 Comments

1) My favorite changes constantly. Right now, I'd say it is The Night Beyond the Tri-Cornered Window. I love the slow pace, and the mystery, and the messed up characters so much. Every time I think I know where the story is going, it throws a curve ball at me. Oh, how I long for a print release...but at least we got it in digital! 2) I prefer series generally speaking because I like to spend time with the characters and watch the relationship develop at a slower pace. That said, it seems like single volume stories seem to be more innovative/unusual. Perhaps "safer" works have a better chance at publishing success, and thus get more volumes? 3) I'd love to see The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions as an anime! The premise seems so goofy, but the execution is exquisite. It strikes the perfect balance of serious and fun for me, and I love the weird take on the vampire genre. I would absolutely love the chance to get the see the adorable little bat version of Al in color/motion.

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