Studio Pierrot Announces “Netflix Original” Hero Mask Anime

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Hero Mask LogoNot all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks.

Earlier today, an official website and Twitter account opened their doors to announce a new anime project, titled Hero Mask. The site includes a key visual, a teaser trailer, the main cast and crew, as well as a premiere date.

We break the details down below.


The minute-long teaser features a series of rapid-fire cuts through various scenes, as an electronica meloday plays in the background.

Key Visual

The image features a shot at a rain-slicked street, toward a pair of legs. The reflection shows a person in an orange jacket, holding a pistol.

Hero Mask Key Visual


Hiroyasu Aoki will helm Hero Mask at Studio Pierrot, with Takahisa Katagiri providing character designs. Aoki will also take charge of series composition for the project.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Music: Hisaki Kato
  • Background Artist: Katsuya Yamada
  • Art Director: Takashi Nakamura
  • Art Director: Yuki Sonoda
  • Costume Design: Isao
  • Color Designer: Shiori Furusho
  • Director of Photography: Toshikazu Hisano
  • Screen Design: sankaku△
  • Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
  • Sound Director: Sōichirō Kubo
  • Sound Effects: Mutsuhiro Nishimura
  • Production: HeroMask.Project


The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • James Blood: Yasuyuki Kase
  • Sarah Sinclair: Yuko Kaida
  • Lennox Gallagher: Junpei Morita
  • Edmond Chandler: Kentaro Takano
  • Harry Creighton: Kouki Uchiyama
  • Geffrey Connor: Yuzuru Aoyama
  • Steven Martland: Takayuki Sugo
  • Richard Burner: Yutaka Nakano
  • Monica Campbell: Haruka Shibuya
  • Fred Faraday: Tomoyuki Shimura
  • Grimm: Yūichi Karasuma
  • Eve Palmer: Yukiyo Fujii
  • Anna Winehouse: Tomoko Miyadera

Visuals for several characters were also revealed, which you can check out below.

Hero Mask Character Visual - Edmond Chandler
Hero Mask Character Visual - Harry Clayton
Hero Mask Character Visual - James Blood
Hero Mask Character Visual - Lennox Gallagher
Hero Mask Character Visual - Sarah Sinclair


Hero Mask will stream worldwide as a Netflix Original on December 3.

Sources: MoCa News, Comic Natalie, Ota-suke

Studio Pierrot Announces “Netflix Original” Hero Mask AnimeSamantha Ferreira

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