Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack Anime Gets New Teaser Trailer

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Earlier today, the official Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack (Murenase! Seton Gakuen) anime website updated with a new teaser trailer. The minute-long promo previews the perfomances of the show’s main voice cast.

Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack will hit Japanese TV on January 6, 2020. The full broadcast schedule is as follows (All times JST):

  • Tokyo MX: 1/6/2020 at 24:30 (1/7/2020 at 12:30AM)
  • Sun TV: 1/6/2020 at 24:30 (1/7/2020 at 12:30AM)
  • KBS Kyoto: 1/6/2020 at 24:30 (1/7/2020 at 12:30AM)
  • BS11: 1/6/2020 at 24:30 (1/7/2020 at 12:30AM)
  • Animax: 1/12/2020 at 23:30 (1/12/2020 at 11:30PM)

Seton Academy Welcome to The Pack Anime VisualHiroshi Ikehata (FLCL Progressive, Space Battleship Tiramisu) was tapped to direct the series at Studio Gokumi, with Masakatsu Sasaki (We Never Learn: BOKUBEN, A-Channel) providing character designs. Shigeru Murakoshi (Zombie Land Saga, to the abandoned Sacred Beasts) is in charge of series composition.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Jin Mazama: Haruki Ishiya
  • Ranka Ōkami: Hina Kino
  • Hitomi Hino: Yume Miyamoto
  • Miyubi Shisho: Konomi Kohara
  • Yukari Komori: Misaki Kuno
  • Kurumi Nekomai: Sora Tokui
  • Chroe Mashima: Yoshino Aoyama
  • Gigasu Terano-sensei: Tesshō Genda
  • King Shishino: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Various Roles: Kenjiro Tsuda

Bungo Yamashita’s Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack manga debuted on Cygames’ Cycomi digital publication in 2016. Manga resource Baka Updates describes the title as:

Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the ‘pack’ of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.

Source: Comic Natalie

Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack Anime Gets New Teaser TrailerSamantha Ferreira

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