Netflix Launches “Enter The Anime” Documentary on 8/5/2019

By: Anime Herald July 31, 20190 Comments

Enter the Anime Visual Earlier today, Netflix announced that they will launch a documentary, titled Enter the Anime on their digital platform on August 5. The project will director Alex Burunova, as she explores the medium and speaks with prominent creators. The featured figures include:

  • Toshiki Hirano
  • Hisanori Yoshida (Baki)
  • Seiji Kishi
  • Tetsuya Kinoshita
  • Yuji Higa (Kengan Ashura)
  • Yoko Takahashi (Evangelion franchise)
  • Kozo Morishita (Toei Animation, Saint Seiya)
  • Masahito Kobayashi
  • Naoko Ogigami (Rilakkuma and Kaoru)
  • Rarecho (Aggretsuko)
  • Yeti (Aggretsuko)
  • Yukio Takahashi (7SEEDS)
  • Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed)
  • Kenji Kamiyama (Ultraman 2017)
  • Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Keisuke Ide (Levius)
  • Rui Kuroki (B: The Beginning)
  • LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters)

Adi Shankar, who helms the Castlevania animated series by Texas-based Powerhouse Animation Studios, is also interviewed.

Netflix released a trailer for the project, which you can check out below.

Source: Netflix (Email Communication), Twitter (NXOnNetflix)

Netflix Launches “Enter The Anime” Documentary on 8/5/2019Samantha Ferreira

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