Manga Planet Launches Manga Subscription Service

By: Anime Herald November 18, 20190 Comments

Earlier today, manga publisher officially launched a manga subscription service. The service, which is priced at $6.99 per month, offers subscribers access to a selection of English-translated manga from the publisher’s catalog.

The current selection includes:

  • Hoshi Demitasse by Yusu Matsumoto
  • Inugami Kai by Masaya Hokazono
  • The Golden Age of Decadence by Yasunori Kasuga and illustrator Yutsuki Inumura
  • After School! by Yasunori Kasuga and illustrator Umiharu
  • My Favorite Carrera EV by Kia Asamiya

Manga Planet intends to launch the following titles later this month:

  • Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft and illustrator Satoshi Ogawa
  • Gairav by Syufo Itahashi
  • Hana Gurui by Fumi Shimomura
  • Hoshi Demitasse by Yusu Matsumoto
  • Inugami Kai by Masaya Hokazono
  • Toward the Terra by Keiko Takemiya

All six titles were published in Japan by LEED Publishing Co., Ltd. and San-Ei Corporation Co., Ltd.

In a press release, Manga Planet confirmed that they will will work with major publishers, as well as independent artists going forward. In their announcement, the publisher confirmed that they are working with the following:

  • Bunkasha Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Home-sha, Starts Publishing Corporation
  • K.K. HarperCollins Japan
  • MUGENUP Inc.
  • Masaya Hokazono (Artist)

Manga Planet is a subsidiary of Fantasista, Inc.

Source: Twitter (MangaPlanet), Manga Planet Blog

Manga Planet Launches Manga Subscription ServiceSamantha Ferreira

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