Maesetsu! Anime Reveals Main Staffers

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Maesetsu! Anime VisualEarlier today, the official Maesetsu! anime website updated with the show’s main staff.

Yuu Nobuta (High School Fleet, Katana Maidens: Mini Toji) will direct the project at Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ, with Katsuzo Hirata (Angel Beats!, Hand Maid May) providing character designs. Touko Machida (Chaika – The Coffin Princess, Lucky Star) is in charge of series composition.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Original Work: Mugendai∞
  • Original Character Designs: Kagami Yoshimizu
  • Scripts: Touko Machida
  • Scripts: Shōta Gotō
  • Scripts: Joe Itou
  • Clothing Design: Kazuko Hayakawa
  • Prop Design: Shigeyuki Koresawa (Digital Noise), Tom (Digital Noise)
  • Color Design: Aiko Matsuyama
  • Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto
  • Chief Animation Director: Naoki Yamauchi
  • Chief Animation Director: Masaru Koseki
  • Backgrounds: Atelier PLATZ
  • Director of Photography: Koujirou Hayashi
  • Photography: Graphinica
  • Editing: Mutsumi Takemiya
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Music: Satoru Kousaki, monaca
  • Music Producer: Shigeru Saitō
  • Animation Producer: Tetsuya Tomioka
  • Planning Producers: Atsushi Itou, Tsuyoshi Kato
  • Joke Supervision: Seitarō Mukai
  • Joke Production: Touko Machida, Shōta Gotō
  • Planning Cooperation: Yoshimoto Kōgyō
  • Production: Firm Class

Maesetsu! is an original anime title, which follows four girls who are looking to find their lot in life as comedians.

Source: Animate Times

Maesetsu! Anime Reveals Main StaffersSamantha Ferreira

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