By: Vrai Kaiser February 13, 20180 Comments

"Princess Arete" was a 2001 film from Studio 4°C that was on Netflix for a time, but it's gone now and hasn't seen a home video release yet. Apparently based on a children's book called "The Clever Princess" by Diana Coles. My understanding is it's a princess movie where the lead is privileged and sheltered in her castle and courted by suitors, but a combination of books given to her as gifts + some sneaking out of the castle spark a desire to leave her seclusion and assert her independence. Unfortunately a nasty sorcerer in disguise comes along to charm her into being a "normal" princess interested in marrying him, which in his mind is the perfect way to defy a prophecy stating that a princess with her name will take away his immortality. No points for guessing whether that sticks. ;) It's an early work from director Sunao Katabuchi, now noted for "In This Corner of the World". So I'm hoping that its turn will come along soon.

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