By: Vrai Kaiser February 12, 20190 Comments

Since I tend to prefer dubs by default, there's a lot of examples I could point to like Baccano or My Hero Academia, but there's one dub that I hold very dear to my heart. Before I switched to the manga, I loved the dub of One Piece. Each actor had a great sense of comedic timing and the script added some nice little touches to the dialogue that made it pop more than the subs. Though the highlights for me are Stephanie Young as Robin and Ian Sinclair as Brook. The moment Sinclair started to sing the first few bars of Binks' Brew, I knew that they had found the right guy for the job (which is super impressive considering Cho is such a hard act to follow). In fact, the only thing more delightful to me than hearing Sinclair yell "YO HOHOHOHO!" is hearing him yell "I'M THE IMMORTAL SUGIMIOTO!" As for Stepanie Young, she manages to bring out all the little subtleties of Robin that make her one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. From her dark humor, to her inner sadness, she portrays all of it like it's the easiest thing in the world. However, my favorite bit of voice acting from her is the "I WANT TO LIVE!" moment. I could write an entire book on how much she sells what I think is the best moment in all of One Piece.

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