By: Vrai Kaiser January 23, 20180 Comments

What's your favourite show so far? A Place Farther Than The Universe. I'm really enjoying its adventurous feel that fully understands that every step is as strong as the destination should be. It's made me think long and hard about who I am. It's also worth discussing here, as there's a cast of well developed women in important positions (the expedition group of adults is mixed, though Yuzuki's mother was problematic as a parent, we couldn't deny she was clearly an excellent producer etc). What's got a three-episode try, only to disappoint? I was really enjoying School Babysitters, but the creepy jokes making its way into the 3rd episode made me feel uncomfortable. But Violet Evergarden's boring me like few other shows do. I'm not impressed by anything but the visuals. The constant infantilising of Violet grates me the wrong way, and the other background characters are terribly trite. What looks promising, but you're maybe not sure yet? Record of Grancrest War has been surprising me. It's a bit fantasy vanilla, and there's some fanservicey shots and premises, but thus far, Siluca is one of the most righteously powerful women in the genre. I'm constantly on edge that she's going to be damsel'd for our hero Theo to be heroic, but it's not happened yet. She's been more than capable on the battlefield, and outside she runs rings around everybody with her smart political mindset. What show totally surprised you? In a good way, Märchen Mädchen. It feels cautiously problematic in its camera angles, but thus far I've just completely bought into its magical feeling and Hazuki as a main character. Something about the way she's written is very believable, and I can super relate to her. In a bad way, did anybody else see Darling in the FranXX's 2nd episode? Gosh, I feel like somebody needed to tell the director we get your sexual references. They went waaaay too far making their point, and I doubt they have the nuance to pull off a meaningful message out of the premise.

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