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Slack messages Vrai: I figured you’d want wise man by default chiaki Chiaki: They're both good Wiseman is vaguely actually pretty good, albeit maybe a little problematic in the "grown man in a young girl's body going, hot damn I can bathe with girls, nice." but the premise actually has like, world building past that, which I kinda like beyond that Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan is gonna be redflag territory because the whole series is predicated on the heroine (a 30-something schmuck turned teen hot girl), having a curse that drives all men's libido's wild and 90% of the premise is her needing to be saved by his best friend, who is doing everything he can not to fuck his best bud, from the villagers and villains of the week who are deadset on having their way with her and/or accidentally committing deicide/genocide. Vrai: that sounds extremely chiakicore Alex: Doncha hate it when you're so horny you accidentally commit deicide

About the Author : Chiaki Hirai

Chiaki Hirai is a trans and plural writer and freelance translator working out of San Francisco. Her personal accomplishments include: writing an undergraduate thesis on Touhou Project, getting blacklisted by TokyoPop, and interviewing the creator of Sudoku. In her free time she makes bad jokes about anime or screams about kink and urban development on Twitter.

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