Kadokawa, Sammy, & Ultra Super Pictures Create New Anime Studio “Engi”

By: Anime Herald June 4, 20180 Comments

It looks like a new challenger has appeared in the anime market.

Engi Studio Logo

On June 1, Sammy announced that they are joining forces with Kadokawa and Ultra Super Pictures to create a new studio, called “Engi.” The new studio will be tasked with producing animation for the three companies, which will be used in TV and films, as well as video game promotions and pachislot machines.

According to Sammy, Kadokawa owns 53% of the company, Sammy holds 40%, and Ultra Super Pictures has possession of 5%. Tohru Kajio will serve as the President and Representative Director of the organization. Other board members include:

  • Hiroshi Horiuchi (Kadokawa)
  • Takeshi Kikuchi (Kadokawa)
  • Ken’ichi Tokumura (Sammy)
  • Shun’ichi Okabe (Glovision)

The organization will launch with 100 million yen ($910,375.78 USD) in capital, and will be located at Tokyo’s Integral Tower.

Source: Otakomu, Sammy

Kadokawa, Sammy, & Ultra Super Pictures Create New Anime Studio “Engi”Samantha Ferreira

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