HiDive Streaming Service Announces Partnership With MyAnimeList

By: Anime Herald September 25, 20190 Comments

Funimation isn’t the only one making major moves this week!

In a press release sent out this morning, Houston based streaming service HiDive announced that they will partner with the anime cataloging site MyAnimeList. This partnership will be a two-way street as MAL’s ratings and user reviews will be integrated into HiDive’s streaming platform while in Q4 2019 they will add a new exclusive embeddable player to MyAnimeList series listings for fans to enjoy. 

In a statement, founder and CEO of HiDive John Ledford said:

“By teaming strategically with MyAnimeList, we can couple instant delivery of exciting anime content via Internet streaming with highly relevant, peer-generated ratings, reviews and other data about that programming and much more. We are pleased to embark on this collaboration that is intended to promote deeper exploration by anime fans and other viewers of the near limitless capacity for delight and diversity offered by Japan’s anime creators.”

HiDive first came into existence in 2017 and now offers a wide variety of Japanese entertainment ranging from current simulcasts to older classics in both subbed and dubbed formats. 

Source: HiDive (Press Release)

HiDive Streaming Service Announces Partnership With MyAnimeListL.B. Bryant

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