Former Associate Comments on Anime Bento

By: Anime Herald September 24, 20180 Comments

Earlier this month, we published an expose into Anime Bento. We spoke with dozens of customers, current and former, and shared their stories, as we followed allegations that the company was not fulfilling orders as intended.

Shortly after publication, Yatta-Tachi head Katy Castillo reached out with additional information from a commenter, who has asked to remain anonymous. We’ve reached out to the commenter, who was a part of the Texas convention scene, and an associate of Anime Bento members Mark del Bosque and Javier Ayala Jr., and Michael Loredo. We were able to verify their identity, as well as the veracity of their comments through shared social media posts and other media.

According to our source, “a group of [Texas Convention founders] got together and decided to make a Loot Box company.” They added that “[the individuals] went to Japan to get items then it all stopped.”

They added that the Texas convention scene is one where friendships aren’t the most common commodity at the upper echelons, though table spots can be currency. “The Texas anime convention scene is vicious [… ] it’s all about trading table space for table space, and back stabbing people that don’t follow blindly.”

After explaining this, our source shared a friends-only Facebook post from del Bosque, dated for the week of August 10, 2018. “Anyone want to do some tedious work for me?” reads the image header.

“For Tabletop Gaming rooms?” one respondent asks.

Another, who goes by the name “Mi Chael (last name redacted)”, asks “Should we all be frightened?” del Bosque responds, stating “The online equivalent of janitorial work.” Mi Chael responds with “So who puked all over your pages that you need a scrubbing,” to which del Bosque responds “There was a mess and it needs cleaning.”

We do not have full context on what the Facebook post was referring to, but our source commented, stating “They’re just letting [Anime Bento] die and pissing people off.” They added that “[Mark] needs to set Anime Bento straight before venturing off into something else.“

Within days of the posting, Anime Bento’s Facebook page began seeing replies, explaining that “Michael” would serve as the organization’s new support representative.

They’re just letting [Anime Bento] die and pissing people off,


On August 15, we received a response from Michael at Anime Bento, as well.

We have reached out to Anime Bento for comment, and will update with their response.

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Former Associate Comments on Anime BentoSamantha Ferreira

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