Ex-Arm Manga Gets Anime TV Series

By: Anime Herald December 18, 20180 Comments

 Ex-Arm Manga Volume 12 CoverIt’s time for the AI to rise… in anime form.

Earlier today, the twelfth volume of HiRock and illustrator Shinya Komi’s Ex-Arm manga shipped to retailers. The wraparound band on the book features an announcement that the series will get an anime TV series.

In addition to the manga, Atarō Kumo’s novelization of the title also shipped to retailers.

Ex-Arm launched in the pages of Shueisha’s Grand Jump in March 2015. The title moved to the Shonen Jump+ web platform two years later, in December 2017. To date, twelve compiled volumes of the title have shipped to stores.

The Shonen Jump+ website describes the title as:

In 2014, there is a student who loathes machines. The student, Akira Natsume, resolves to change himself for the better, and takes his first steps toward doing so. However, he’s run over by a truck. In the year 2030, a special policewoman named Miyami Uezono and her AI partner Alma infiltrate a criminal hideaway at the Tokyo Port Authority. Things are dire, and there are no options remaining as the enemy closes in. Their options limited, they activate a superweapon known only as the Ex-Arm, but…?!

Source: Comic Natalie

Ex-Arm Manga Gets Anime TV SeriesSamantha Ferreira

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