Erica Schroeder Plays Kelly Stownar In Nozomi’s Emma: A Victorian Romance Dub

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Erica Schroeder HeadshotEarlier today, Nozomi Entertainment announced that Erica Schroeder will play the part of Kelly Stownar in their English dub for Emma: A Victorian Romance. William is the fifth cast member confirmed for the adaptation.

Right Stuf also revealed that script adaptations for Emma‘s second season are complete.

Erica Schroeder has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002. She made her debut in Ultraman Tiga, where she played Rena Yanase. Since then, she’s gone on to play numerous prominent anime roles, including Nurse Joy (Pokemon), Maki Kitaki (FLCL Alternative), and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece – 4Kids version).

Outside of anime, Schroeder has performed in the New York theater scene, having roles in Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. In particular, she’s played parts in Shout, The Mod Musical, After the Fair, and Jane Eyre.

Emma A Victorian Romance Key VisualRight Stuf’s Kickstarter to produce an English dub for Emma: A Victorian Romance closed on October 18. The campaign earned $253,834 across 1,615 backers, with an average contribution of $157.17 per patron.

As the campaign passed $180,000 in funding, Right Stuf will produce an English dub for the second season of the series, as well as the first.

Right Stuf’s Kickstarter to produce an English dub for Emma: A Victorian Romance reached its $110,000 funding goal on October 3. As of press time, the campaign stands at $180,252 across 1,293 backers, with an average contribution of $139.41 per backer.

The confirmed dub cast includes:

  • Emma: Eileen Montgomery
  • William: Ted Lewis
  • Richard Jones: Wayne Grayson
  • Eleanor Campbell: Jessica Calvello

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Director: Joe DiGiorgi
  • Production Staff: Tara Tisch
  • Staff Advisor: Rhiannon Ross
  • Dialect Coach: Jim Johnson
  • Dialect Coach: Carolyn Johnson

Emma: A Victorian Romance originally aired during the Spring 2005 broadcast season. The series was directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi (Super GALS!, Kurokami the Animation) at Studio Pierrot, with Keiko Shimizu and Yuko Kusumoto (Midori Days, Twelve Kingdoms) providing character designs. Mamiko Ikeda (Maid Sama!, Rental Magica) wrote the scenario.

Right Stuf describes the series as:

In 19th-century London, class lines are sharply drawn, and the social standing to which people are born dictates the path their lives will follow. Emma, an honest and hardworking young maid, never felt her place in life to be a burden. But then she met William, a member of the gentry and the eldest son of a wealthy family. His warm smile and earnest affection threaten to capture her heart… but can love truly conquer all?

Source: Kickstarter

Erica Schroeder Plays Kelly Stownar In Nozomi’s Emma: A Victorian Romance DubSamantha Ferreira

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