DLE Accused of Falsifying Financial Transactions

By: Anime Herald February 18, 20190 Comments

DLE LogoOn February 13, Japan’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission reported that anime studio DLE had worked its way into listing of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, due to falsified sales and overstated transactions.

(Note: The First Section is the top level of the exchange, reserved for large-scale corporations)

According to the report, DLE and investors from various production committees attached to films they worked on had carried out “fictitious dealings” related to video production work. The studio reportedly submitted Marketable Securities reports that had included more than 600 million yen ($5,430,453.99 USD) in net profits due to over-reported revenues. The period from the fiscal year ending March 2014 through 2018 showed an excess in sales of more than 2.3 billion yen ($20,816,975.79 USD).

The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission is recommending a fine of 135.4 million yen ($1,225,669.35 USD).

DLE (DreamLink Entertainment) was founded on December 27, 2001 in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward. The studio, which was launched by former Sony executive producer Ryuta Shiiki, has produced more than thirty anime titles, including:

  • Eagle Talon
  • Lupin Shanshei
  • Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

Sources: Nikkei, Hachima Kiko (Thanks to L.B. Bryant for the tip!)

DLE Accused of Falsifying Financial TransactionsSamantha Ferreira

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