X Japan Featuring Hyde to Perform Attack on Titan Season 3 Theme Song

By: Anime Herald July 9, 20180 Comments

Attack on Titan Season 3 Theme Song AnnoucementGot some breaking Attack on Titan news for everyone though fans of the band Linked Horizon might want to turn away from this page rather than reading on.

According to a photo being passed around on Twitter, it seems that Linked Horizon will not be returning to perform the theme song of Attack on Titan Season 3. What??? I can hear you asking. Who could possibly replace such a red-hot band like that? How about X Japan featuring Hyde!

According to the photo, world-famous band X Japan is going to be returning to anime to perform the theme song for the upcoming third TV season.

If you’re not familiar with X Japan, you probably haven’t been listening to Japanese music for very long as they have a long and storied history which make them a perfect choice for such a hotly anticipated title like Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Season 3 held its world premiere this past weekend at Anime Expo. That will be followed up by a theatrical screening all across the US hosted by Funimation on July 11th and 12th (check the official website for details) before it finally makes it Japanese debut on July 22nd.

Via Attack on Fans

X Japan Featuring Hyde to Perform Attack on Titan Season 3 Theme SongL.B. Bryant

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