Violet Evergarden’s “Extra Episode” Previewed in new Teaser Trailer

By: Anime Herald May 16, 20180 Comments

We’re not ready to step away from Violet’s world just yet.

Earlier today, the official Violet Evergarden anime website updated with a new teaser trailer. The minute-long promo previews the upcoming “Extra Episode” OVA, with character dialogue promoting the major story beats. Letter by TRUE plays as a background track.

Violet Evergarden‘s Extra Episode will ship on the show’s fourth Blu-Ray volume, which hits stores on July 4.

The series originally began airing on Japanese TV on January 10. Netflix started simulcasting the series outside of the United States on January 11. Violet Evergarden officially launched on Netflix’s United States platform on April 5.

Taichi Ishidate (Beyond the Boundary) directed the project at Kyoto Animation, with Akiko Takase providing character designs. Reiko Yoshida (K-On!! franchise, Girls und Panzer) was in charge of series composition.

TRUE was tapped to perform the show’s opening theme.

Violet Evergarden - Key VisualThe Violet Evergarden anime made its world debut at Anime Expo 2017. Netflix describes the series as:

The war is over, and Violet Evergarden needs a job. Scarred and emotionless, she takes a job as a letter writer to understand herself and her past.

A new anime project was officially announced yesterday, though details have yet to be confirmed as of press time.

Source: Otakomu

Violet Evergarden’s “Extra Episode” Previewed in new Teaser TrailerSamantha Ferreira

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