Sega’s New Sakura Wars Game to Hit Stores by 3/31/2019

By: Anime Herald May 11, 20180 Comments

Sakura Wars - Sega Saturn Boxart*Cries in fangirl squeals*

During their latest financial presentation, Sega announced that their upcoming Sakura Wars game will hit retailers by March 31, 2019. As of press time, neither the game’s planned platforms nor the final title have been announced. Rather, it carries a tentative title of Shin Sakura Taisen (New Sakura Wars).

Shin Sakura Taisen was unveiled on April 14 during the “Sega Fes” fan event.

According to the presentation, the game will “inherit the DNA” of previous entries in the series. The game will be set in Tokyo in the year 1940 (Taisho 29, in the game’s lore, as the Taisho era only lasted 15 years overall). Further details will be announced at a later date.

In an interview with Famitsu, Sega Holdings President and CEO Haruki Satomi. During the interview, Satomi elaborated on the projectnoting that it will “not end with only the game.”

Shin Sakura Wars - New Project Confirmation Visual

Shin Sakura Wars - New Project Confirmation Visual

Source: Gematsu

Sega’s New Sakura Wars Game to Hit Stores by 3/31/2019Samantha Ferreira

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